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Steve Brancato: Owner/Founder

After spending several years as an avid homebrewer, Steve successfully launched Downriver sister company, Banter's Hard Cider in 2016. With a desire to not only expand his company in size but also in product line, Downriver Brewing was born in 2019. Steve still produces all of the ciders for Banter's and can be seen occasionally helping out the brew crew (...but mostly driving them crazy) at Downriver.

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Alex Hoffman: Head Brewer

Alex's introduction to craft beer came in 2009 after returning home from serving in the Marine Corps. Employed primarily as a bouncer and a DJ, he spent his fair share of time in several local bars. Shortly after, he was offered a job working the wholesale side of the industry at Stockertown Beverage Co. It was there where he had discovered a passion not only to try new beers but also found determination to make his own. As many brewers do, he started with a friend in a basement using well water, books and a small 5 gal stainless steel brew system.

Alex signed up for his first homebrew competition at Weyerbacher Brewing Company in 2017 and took home the 1st place prize. That's when he realized that this was the industry he needed to be working in. Shortly after the competition, he landed a job at Weyerbacher in packaging and quickly advanced to the position of cellarman.

While still in his role at the brewery, Alex decided to take his craft to the next level and enrolled in The Siebel Institute/World Brewing Academy. Taking mostly Intermediate and Advanced Courses. Alex excelled and swiftly rose to the top two percentile of his class,  A few months later, he noticed a friend had checked in to a new local brewery on social media that he hadn't heard of before: Downriver Brewing Company. The next day Alex took a trip to Stroudsburg to check out the new place and as fate would have it, we were looking for a new team member. The rest, as they say, is history!


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